The business world is about relationships. Creating a synergy between relationships and technology is the consummate method to increase revenues and assure unprecedented performance in the marketplace.

Over the years, Today’s Credit Solutions LLC (TCS) has forged many partnerships that have flourished even when the overall economy hasn’t. By ensuring our partners meet our high performance and ethical standards, we are able to deliver superior products, services and information to consumers more quickly and cost-effectively.

EFFICIENCY partners are able to improve corporate efficiency and assure their clients are in trustworthy hands. By circumventing the often collusive exploitation and interference of so-called credit experts and credit repair mills, our management partners are able to monitor and effectively respond to consistent data trends, while ensuring all shared data is fully protected.


We reduce the known and even unknown liabilities executives face when they form affiliate partnerships and share client data.


Clients referred to for credit services are amazed by how our system and advisory platform simplifies their credit needs. Everything we offer, including advice, makes things easier for the user, and our results speak for themselves. Clients range from 18-75 years of age and come from every income bracket. Data shows that most enrollments are prompted when a client has a transaction declined OR decides to plan ahead to complete a transaction or accomplish a goal.


Users of the Credit World platform have access to 3 Credit Scores; Credit Data Monitoring; Identity Theft Protection and Insurance; our unique Credit Maximization Formula; and transaction preparation services. Extra features include, but are not limited to, Score Share, My Budget and Recovery Butler.


Our Partners range from mortgage companies and banks to automotive dealerships, accounting firms, property managers, and any entity dealing with consumer credit data. Simply sign up; we review the data, verify the information and we approve your Credit Network.


Most importantly, Partners receive assurance that services are being handled properly and that their clients are of the highest priority. System features include log in; data updates and tracking; client progress; email updates; and transaction approval and underwriting preparation. Partners also receive access to updated information and market trends, and of course can use the system themselves or enroll employees en masse at a discounted rate.

C-Level Access: Partners have access to executives who can help look at their business model through a different lens. We provide sound advice based on experience in technology optimization, regulatory reform and requirements, and sales and marketing.


Transaction Preparation Alert: The Affiliate Partner, the (consumer) credit client, and TCS are alerted 30 days before any scheduled credit check. This signal helps all parties get on the same page and prepare for the upcoming credit inquiry and transaction. For many reasons, credit report preparation is the key to completing successful transactions.
Credit Check Alert: The Affiliate Partner, the (consumer) credit client, and TCS are alerted by email on the day their credit check is scheduled to be processed.
Score Share: Credit Clients (consumers) have access to Score Share, which enables them with a click of a button to share their current credit scores with a lender or landlord. Once Partners receives the scores, they can alert clients and TCS as to whether the client is meeting minimum requirements and provide general loan terms.


A premier platform owned by TCS, is a credit safe house for consumers and partners. TCS has a perfect corporate record and is licensed and bonded; holds an A+ Accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau; and complies with all Department of Justice California credit services registration standards. Our trademarked Credit Maximization Formula ensures consumers receive reliable, appropriate and incomparable advice and services.