Identity Verify One

We verify our client’s identity, social security number, and address. This process helps expedite client results; updates client personal information with all 3 credit bureaus; and combats fraud.

Before Today’s Credit Solutions was founded, a system with similar verification processes was being developed by TCS executives working within the mortgage industry.  While creating our process flow, TCS executives ruled it mandatory to obtain specific forms of verification from clients.


  1. Errors in credit reports. Errors occur only in  credit account reporting, but also with personal information.
  2. Personal credit and credit reports are directly connected to a client’s social security number, date of birth, and address. TCS collects this data to  insure core client information is updated and accurate with the three credit bureaus and creditors.
  3. Using our prior experience resolving mortgage underwriting red flags, TCS pushed forward with Identity Verify One, knowing clients would receive their results faster than with any other company in the nation. We understood that conflicting data could hold up credit investigations and updates.
  4. Client commitment is measured. For example, clients who comply with our process quickly and precisely tend to be the most motivated, driven, and goal-orientated people in our system.  They consequently get the most out of our process and enjoy a high success rate.
  5. As payment processing regulations evolve there is no question (from bank payment processors) who TCS clients are and why they are processing payments through us. Elimination of fraudulent charges.
  6. TCS is first. It’s always nice to be first at something.  Today’s Credit Solutions LLC was the first company in the world to standardize this verification process.  10 years later, it’s tough to finish a credit services process without these documents.
  7. TCS helps others.  Even though the credit bureaus, creditors, and banks have conflicting opinions about companies who help consumers with their credit, this process actually helps major corporations do their job quickly and more effectively, in part by storing updated, accurate information in their systems.