Is credit repair legal?

Yes. It is your right by law to dispute the questionable negative items on your credit reports (see Fair Credit Reporting Act & Credit Repair Organization Act). Also, your credit reports consist of your debts. Of course it’s legal to resolve outstanding issues. Over the years many different corporations try to trick consumers into thinking credit repair is illegal and/or unnecessary. The truth is; credit repair done right improves your core personal finances and maximizes your transaction potential, which ultimately reduces overhead and increases savings. Our process is the most simple investment in the history of financial services.

Do you guarantee your services?

Yes. If we do not improve your credit profile and/or scores with all three credit bureaus, we will refund your entire investment. By utilizing our trademark formula clients and prospects are able to see the right way to maximize credit reports and scores. Our formula is also an education tool – easy to understand and helps achieve optimum results. It’s very rare we have to refund costs associated with our process because the formula works and the process unfolds exactly as explained. Also, our clients receive hard copy credit reports outlining exactly what is being removed. This helps clients monitor the progression of our process and the purification of client credit reports. Client compliance is a factor when auditing a refund request.
Alert: Be wary of any Credit Repair company promising a clean-up in 30 days, or processes that sound illegal or questionable.

Why do you need documents verifying my personal information?

See www.mycreditup.com/identity-verify-one/

What are my responsibilities during your process?

You have two responsibilities during our credit repair process. 1: Open all of your mail (no exceptions). Stay organized. 2: Send us (TCS) any and all information from the credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, AND any creditor letters. You will receive credit reports in the mail every 25-45 days. The credit reports will include an investigation results page outlining the accounts that have been investigated and removed – Deleted. Although TCS does all of the work, it’s still your credit, so stay in tune with how the process is unfolding, ask questions, and do your best to avoid having new negative accounts added to your credit reports.

Do I have to send you the credit reports I receive in the mail?

Yes, you must send the documents you receive in the mail so we can record what’s being removed and tweak things on our end to get the most out of the process. Plus it’s good to stay involved in the process, especially with the results as it’s the most important part of credit repair and a direct reflection of your investment.

How should I send my results?

Send the results by mail to our address or by email support@mycreditup.com or fax to 888.769.3426.

I received a letter from a creditor what should I do?

Review it, verify original creditor, and then send it to us so we (client and TCS) can discuss your options. TCS can then advise you properly.

Can I repair my own credit?


What are the costs associated with your service?

Our goal is to achieve the most success as quickly as possible. Process 1 single client pricing is as low as $79.99/mo. Process 1 couple pricing is as low as $129.99/mo. The payments are collected after work is completed.

I want to acquire a new home loan, how long will it take?

This is where TCS separates itself from other companies. Our job is to maximize your credit profile and scores while preparing you for mortgage approval AND underwriting. The time frame of obtaining mortgage financing depends on how many points you need to obtain an approval AND if there are specific valid bad debt red flags that need resolution during the underwriting process.

Some of our clients have the ability to refinance or purchase a new home after the first cycle (which is only 25-45 days). Many clients are able to acquire the loan they deserve midway through our credit repair process, which is approximately 60-120 days. Although you may acquire a loan midway through our credit repair process, you are required to finish the process so your credit is maximized the right way.

What balance should I carry on my credit cards?

This is a very important question. The credit system is designed to record management of debt and activity per each credit account. When NOT applying for financing carry about 25-35% of your limit. Keep accounts active and in good standing. This should help build some momentum and history within the scoring algorithms. In order to manage debt one must have debt.

*However, when it’s time to obtain credit and apply for a transaction we advise clients to pay off the credit cards and wait until $0 balances report, then generate the inquiry for approval. This type of preparation will translate into faster approvals, lower interest rate – winning transactions.
Consumers would be shocked if they found out the money being wasted on unnecessary higher interest rates – when applying and obtaining loans (transactions) while scores are down due to credit card (and secured credit card) balances that can easily be paid off. Lack of credit report preparation. No lender is going to give consumers an interest rate based on a “what if” scenario. Whether you’re applying for a job, apartment, experiencing a career transition, or obtaining credit (loans) – preparation is the key to success.

When can I expect to see a change in credit score?

If you are enrolled in credit score monitoring then alerts and scoring adjustments can be seen about every 25-35 days. If not then you will see new credit scores when scheduled credit breakdowns (process evaluations) take place. Due to many moving parts, the scores can fluctuate while we work, but rest assure REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE = CREDIT MAXIMIZATION is the right path. Trust in the process.

Can you remove my Bankruptcy?

It’s impossible to guarantee a removal of your BK or any other items for that matter – up front. Any company that says otherwise should be red-flagged and avoided. We are a credit auditing and verification firm, so we must submit documents on each item, then see if the item complies with credit reporting guidelines. From an experience and trend standpoint we see a mix of success with Bankruptcies. Clients are often focused and hoping for the removal of the Public Record Bankruptcy, however they fail to realize everything that was rolled into their Bankruptcy is also reporting negatively as “Included in BK”.

We have noticed a lot of credit reporting errors resulting from the Bankruptcy process. Some clients see BK’s removed along with other miscellaneous unverifiable negative accounts. Other clients see their public record Bankruptcy remain, but many of the miscellaneous items that were included in the Bankruptcy are removed. Regardless, anyone in America that goes through a Bankruptcy should immediately partner with Today’s Credit Solutions after the Bankruptcy is discharged. The discharge is the completion of the Bankruptcy process.

The Bankruptcy dismissal process is different than the discharge. We can discuss the different elements by phone. With all of this being said, our trusted formula and credit repair process works great with consumer credit reports that have experienced a Bankruptcy.

How do I know what bad debts I should pay?

Our job is to help you allocate your money wisely while navigating you through the complex credit system. This is why our formula REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE = CREDIT MAXIMIZATION is so important to the credit services and finance industry. By applying this formula to your credit reports and tailoring it to your income we will show you the right path for your specific situation.

Today’s Credit Solutions LLC is a company of ethics. We hold our clients to a high standard even though their credit often says otherwise. We don’t judge our clients on their credit mishaps but we expect clients to do the right things per our advice as much as they reasonably can. Yes it’s a rat race world, and people can run from problems and avoid paying debts, but it’s important to do the right thing and pay what you can on debts you rightfully owe.

Many “credit experts” learn their verbiage and zingers from others. Clinging on to what they perceive to be proper advice so they can make money. Often stating “Don’t pay a bad debt off because it will hurt your credit”. Then that comment travels around the United States and consumers cling on to it. Then they wonder why their credit didn’t budge after paying the credit expert thousands of dollars. Credit like life is about balance. In some instances; yes it does hurt your credit because of the credit reporting date laws, but in other instances it’s the right thing to do, not only because it’s owed, but also because you don’t want bad debts lingering, changing hands, and re-reporting under different names. Or maybe the debt is a mortgage underwriting red flag. Each valid bad debt should be assessed on an individual basis.

Rest assure knowing TCS is advising clients with short AND long term credit strength in mind. This way winning financial transactions can be achieved on a more consistent basis.

My mortgage or car guy told me NOT to make a payment while refinancing or trading in my car. Is this ok since I’m getting a new loan?

This sounds great at the time but the bank is typically going to collect their money one way or another. Is this scheme to get out of one (1) payment worth a 50-100 point penalty when you get a 30 day late payment? No. Play it safe, minimize risk, protect the credit scores and the accounts you worked so hard to pay on time.

I heard inquiries hurt your credit, is this true?

Inquiries can hurt your credit scores and decrease your chances for certain credit approvals. Try to keep your inquiry total less than five (5) every two (2) years. It can be tough if in need of loans and other miscellaneous transactions. Generally speaking; only have your credit checked if you need to. The good news is they only report for 2 years. The bad news is after 5 inquiries the credit system sees many applications for credit as a negative, and so do lenders.

Alert: Car dealerships will often submit your information to many banks at once working for an approval and funding but also seeking a deal that makes them the most money. As a result some consumers can end up with 5-10+ inquiries in a day. Not good.

Is Credit Karma Accurate?

Credit Karma is a good vehicle to monitor trends and get alerts. It’s accurate for the scoring models and systems they use to provide their service to you, but often the credit scoring will be different then what the banks use to determine your interest rate. There are many scoring models out there. It’s no secret; Credit Karma is free because they obtain your data, then use that data to market products to you. It’s a nice platform and should be respected, but don’t fall in love. You get what you pay for.

I obtained a great loan due to your process, do I have to finish the process?

Yes. This process is about doing things the right way. Not only finishing what you start, but we (TCS) have a specific plan, schedule, and process we stick to. Plus the further along we get, the more tasks accomplished, the more we execute the plan, the more your scores and profile are maximized.