It is important for employees and job applicants to know that employers now review personal credit reports as part of the employment application process. Depending upon your location and the company guidelines, you might sign a credit authorization form during the application process—that allows your potential employer to investigate your credit history.  Banks use credit reports and scores to determine risk.  Employers can use credit reports to measure employee responsibility and reduce potential workplace headaches (risk).

When applying for a job, your personal credit could play a role in the decision making process—making you stand out for good or bad.  Enroll in our process now to confront your credit rating,   and get ahead of potential problems you could face down the road.

Credit Repair Services
Americans have seen a spike in employment credit reviews in the private and public sector.     Personal credit can play a significant role in helping you obtain or keep the job you need, or want to use to get to the next level.  During a job audit, employees are subject to performance reviews that can include an examination of how they manage their core personal finances – i.e., their credit.  Be prepared for an employment review by enrolling in our process and obtaining an employee credit commitment letter (ECCL).  This letter supports and bolsters the employee during the review by specifying all the actions you and TCS have taken to rectify any and all credit problems identified on your credit reports.  Today’s Credit Solutions has helped saved jobs in the government and private sector, and will stand by you if you ever face this challenge.

Consumer Credit Report

Partnerships are big business. They are important to individuals, corporations, and the U.S. economy.  It is crucial for executives and managers to ensure their credit is maximized before a potential partner or board reviews your accomplishments and performs a background check.  Such partnership contracts are typically more complicated than an employment review, but you can still use personal credit as a tool to insure new partners and executives aren’t flagging problems in your financial history.

Make sure you enroll in our credit repair process so you can pursue winning partnerships and executive contracts without the headaches or potential pitfalls of a negative credit review.

Disclaimer:  The Employee Credit Commitment Letter (ECCL) is available only to existing clients.  It cannot guarantee the client a job, continuation of employment, or successful partnership transactions.  But we can guarantee you an accurate and professional ECCL.