David M. - College Station, TX

David M. – College Station, TX

“Im at a loss for words. This is my second testimonial because I want too. I thought my credit reports were irredeemable or just a lost cause. I was confused about where to start and what to do, but Today’s Credit eliminated my confusion, created a straight forward plan, and we executed. So glad we did credit repair especially after I heard some things from friends that weren’t so great. Very happy I didn’t listen to friends and trusted in TCS. I would refer anyone I know to this company. The process is simple, affordable, and effective. From my family to you team – Thank you!”

Elisha A. - Kailua-Kona, HI

Elisha A. – Kailua-Kona, HI

“My credit situation is awesome right now and I have to thank TCS for the help. I am so happy to have partnered with you guys. Everything I do related to my credit is much easier and more cost effective. I was referred to this company by a friend here in Hawaii and I wouldn’t use anyone else for credit repair or credit advice. My family thanks you very much!”

Erin H. - Yucca Valley, CA

Erin H. – Yucca Valley, CA

“I am a single mom and have had some ups and downs. Today’s Credit Solutions has been an amazing partner for myself and daughter. Their credit repair credit maximization process has had a profound impact on my credit and personal finances. I have a strong credit profile, solid apartment leases, and also scores around 700. This is a long way from where I started 500’s. Thanks and keep up the great work!”

Matteo Z. - Scottsdale, AZ

Matteo Z. – Scottsdale, AZ

“This company is fantastic. My wife sent me to Today’s Credit Solutions for credit repair and financial advice. I am pleased to have met this team and thankful for all of the help you have provided myself and family. My credit profile is completely different now and the process went quick. My scores were very low and I had a BK so I didn’t see the light at first, but after 7 months of work TCS helped restructure my credit profile and resolve negative accounts in questions. Thanks!!”

David N. - Phoenix, AZ

David N. – Phoenix, AZ

“People have a lot to say about credit repair and the credit industry. My only experience with credit repair has been with Today’s Credit Solutions, and it’s been really great. I have used this company off and on over the years. Recently they gave me some advice and helped me get qualified for a mortgage. I wouldn’t use anyone else for credit related services or advice. This company is great! Thanks for your help!”

Tim W. - Chandler, AZ

Tim W. – Chandler, AZ

“I used this company a while back but did not comply with their service one bit – my fault. They were very fair with me and even did some favors during my most recent process. When I started with them I had no credit scores and only negative accounts. As of January 2017 after credit repair I am 636, 649, 647 which is quite a difference. We also have a plan for me to get to 700+ with all 3 bureaus. I am very happy with the TCS team and their credit maximization process!”

Diane W. - Surprise, AZ

Diane W. – Surprise, AZ

“A mortgage broker referred me to Today’s Credit Solutions for credit repair or what they call Credit Maximization. I am very pleased with their services and advice. My scores have gone up quite a bit and we were able to restructure my credit profile to meet the needs of mortgage financing. I decided to hold off on buying a house, but I was approved. I had no issues leasing my current house. It’s nice to have confidence in my credit and know that we are making the proper improvements. The process has been straight forward and simple on my end. Thanks for everything!!”

Steve B. - Beverly Hills, CA

Steve B. – Beverly Hills, CA

“I met the owner of Today’s Credit at my car dealership in Beverly Hills. I am very happy I linked up with this company. A couple years back I signed up for credit repair and at that time we were able to get my scores up from the low 500’s to above 680 with all 3 credit bureaus. I recently had a battle with cancer and am now confronting my credit again with a plan to buy a home and retire. Once again the credit repair process is unfolding great and we are resolving negative debts and accounts in question. Thanks for the partnership!”

Abel L. - Phoenix, AZ

Abel L. – Phoenix, AZ

“I finally confronted my credit about 7 months ago. My mom referred me to Today’s Credit Solutions for credit repair and credit maximization. They said my credit wasn’t too bad, but we need to restructure my credit profile and resolve a couple negative problems. We did this fast and I am looking so much better. I may even be part of the mortgage process with my Mother. Scores moving toward 700 fast! Thanks for all of your help and Happy New Year!”

Karman L. - El Cajon, CA

Karman L. – El Cajon, CA

“My introduction to TCS was through the internet. I originally linked up with Today’s Credit in 2009. Back then everyone was talking about how credit repair “doesn’t’ work”. I trusted in this team and they delivered. My scores were 500’s and we got them as high as 756 at one point. IN the last 6 months I needed help again and once again the process went fast and was still affordable. Thanks for everything! Your credit repair service impacts everything I do financially!”

Maria F. - Phoenix, AZ

Maria F. – Phoenix, AZ

“Before I met Today’s Credit Solutions I had scores in the low to mid 500’s. I just finished credit repair process 1 and my positive credit profile is much better and we resolved many negative problems on my credit reports. My scores are up and my mortgage broker says I can start looking for a new house. Need more room because I have big family! Very pleased with this credit repair company. Thanks for partnering with me!

Ashley I. - Hobbs, NM

Ashley I. – Hobbs, NM

“My husband and I enrolled with Today’s Credit for Credit Repair Services midway through 2016. I am a school teacher and he is in the oil fields, so we have little time to even consider or apply all of the different processes and tasks to our credit reports during the day. We started with about 30 negative accounts, which is a lot of bad credit. Throughout the first process everything TCS said happened and we were able to remove many questionable negative accounts and also rebuild our credit. We are very happy and currently in the home purchase mortgage lending process, with an approval!! What a way to start 2017!”