Albert S. - Tolleson, AZ

Albert S. – Tolleson, AZ

“Well, I’ll keep this straight and to the point. My credit was a mess. Very low scores and so many negative accounts your head would spin. We were able to generate 40 deletions. Many of which was medical that I had no clue what it was. I was able to get approved for a home loan and this company even did a fast favor to resolve a judgment on my wife’s credit. She is very happy with this credit repair and so am I!”

William G. - Beverly Hills, CA

William G. – Beverly Hills, CA

“My wife works for a lender in Pacific Palisades and we were referred to Today’s Credit Solutions by a colleague of hers. This credit repair process is excellent for us because we are so busy the TCS team does all the work and when we must do tasks they advise us quickly and precisely. I wouldn’t use anyone else! Thank you!”

Vivian B. Chandler, AZ

Vivian B. Chandler, AZ

“I am very grateful to have been referred to your company for credit repair. Sometimes I don’t understand credit and certain processes so well. Your credit repair process has been great for my credit and personal finances. Please keep up the great work and god bless you!”

Rene R. - Huntington Park, CA

Rene R. – Huntington Park, CA

“My mortgage lade from Rancho referred me to this company for credit repair. Its awesome. The way credit repair is explained to me by this team is so much easier to understand and also easier for me to create a plan and stick to it. Thanks for everything, including all of the financing benefits your process has helped me achieve. I would refer anyone in need of credit help and advice to this company!”

Rufus M. - College Station, TX

Rufus M. – College Station, TX

“My wife was very strict with me about fixing our credit and we are very blessed to have found Today’s Credit Solutions for credit repair. This is my second testimonial due to another process being completed. I now see why they call it credit maximization due to all of the different things going on within my credit reports. The TCS team has made our life much better, especially financial transactions and positive mindset – consumer confidence. Thanks!”

Kristina G. - Phoenix, AZ

Kristina G. – Phoenix, AZ

“We were recommended to TCS by a mortgage company in Scottsdale, AZ. My husband and I are seeing amazing results and progress. Credit scores going up and we are shocked how great credit repair is when it’s done right. We try to refer clients to TCS whenever we can. Keep up the excellent credit work!”

Diana H. - San Antonio, TX

Diana H. – San Antonio, TX

“My husband and I started credit repair with Today’s Credit toward the end of 2016 with lots of negative accounts. We did what the TCS reps asked to the best of our ability and the results came in constantly with great success. When we did our re-evaluation our scores were up and many questionable negative accounts had been removed. My scores made it to the low -mid 700s. The value of this process is very high and the out of pocket is fairly low. Thanks for helping us!”

Althea M. - Palmdale, CA

Althea M. – Palmdale, CA

“This company and their owner John Pautsch have been great to me and my family. My credit scores were very low when we started the process and I had tons of negative accounts that needed resolution. The credit repair advice I receive and improvements to my credit are much appreciated. I have had an ongoing issue with my credit and it feels really good to know I am making the right progress. Thank you for everything!”

Patrick M. - Pacific Palisades, CA

Patrick M. – Pacific Palisades, CA

“I work for a lender in Pacific Palisades, CA. One of the managers here referred me to Today’s Credit for credit repair. We just finished process 1 and I am very happy with the results. My main goal was to get enough points for a multimillion dollar transaction I had pending and we were able to accomplish this goal in 60 days. The items in question have been removed and my credit profile looks much better. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication to my credit situation!”

Usuf M. - College Station, TX

Usuf M. – College Station, TX

“My wife and I have used TCS for credit repair and the results have been incredible. I am very happy with the service and the help of their staff. It’s really important to have the right ally in the finance world. TCS has done everything they said they would and more. My scores are up and my profile is so much better looking. Mad respect!”

Lionel G. - Los Angeles, CA

Lionel G. – Los Angeles, CA

“I hired TCS to help me resolve some negative accounts in question and get my scores going up. Today’s Credit has gone above and beyond in doing so. I am very happy with the removal of questionable accounts. I didn’t comply 100% but that’s my fault and I will be doing everything possible moving forward to meet the TCS credit repair guidelines. I love the moving forward section of your advisory platform. Really clears the air and gets me on track. Thanks for all of your help!”

Gilda G. - Hobbs, NM

Gilda G. – Hobbs, NM

“Just finished process 1 and very happy with results. Scores up high and credit looking much better. Approved for mortgage but deciding if I want to buy right now. We have a plan for the next 6 months and I am going to stick to it so I can get to the mid 700’s. Thanks for all of you help with my credit. Your credit repair process is amazing!”