Jackie A. – Phoenix, AZ

“I was referred to this company by my ex-husband. They did a great job improving my credit reports and credit scores. They also helped me resolve a mortgage underwriting red flag that was holding me up and causing a lot of stress due to the timing of the transaction. I am thankful I was referred to Today’s Credit and look forward to sending them anyone I know who needs credit improvements and credit repair.”

James M. – Hubbard, TX

“I have worked with this company in the past and their results are incredible. I had about 30 negative accounts. I now have 3. I was surprised how well credit repair can work. All of my financial transactions are safer and more affordable. I recommend this company and will only use them if I have questions or need to prepare for financial transactions.”

Mitch P. – Phoenix, AZ

“I am a top producer at a mortgage company. I personally do about 20+ loans per month and have a very solid team around me. This company and their credit repair system is a big part of it. We had a revolving door of credit repair companies come through our office. I’m glad this company was referred to us so we could eliminate the rest. The results are awesome and their credit check alert system is perfect for us to track and monitor client progress. I see results nonstop and wouldn’t use anyone else for credit repair. They fix credit and prepare my clients for mortgage underwriting, which helps my team be way more efficient. Anyone with credit issues should utilize this company.”

Ray R. – San Diego, CA

“I was hesitant when I started the process because of things I’ve heard about the credit repair industry, but now that I completed your first process, the reality is; Today’s Credit Solutions credit repair process and advising is truly The Greatest of All Time.”

Gary H. – Bell Buckle, TN

“I was referred to this company by a bank. The bank couldn’t lend the money to me due to my credit. Credit Repair can be confusing. TCS told me to listen to what they advise and stay compliant. They made credit repair easy to understand. I followed their lead and I ended up buying a house within 6 months. I continued to work with them and I refinanced 6 months later with ease and received the lowest interest rate I have ever experienced. I recommend them to anyone and everyone in need of credit repair.”

Victor – Los Angeles, CA

“You guys are amazing! I own a small business and had to tend to a health issue which caused me quite the credit hit. Now that I’ve completed your credit repair process; this is the best investment I have ever made. The cost of your service for what it generates is incredible and frankly a no brainer for personal finances. My scores have gone up to around 700 and I started in the high 500’s. The process and advising is simple to understand and very efficient. My auto loans are much cheaper now and I was able to get on track to start borrowing for my business again. Thank you!”

Nathan – Scottsdale, AZ

“Yes! My credit is really good, but my wife needed to be on our mortgage. Her credit wasnt terrible (low 600s) but she did have about 7-8 negative credit issues. Thanks for helping us resolve them quickly and improving her credit scores well past the minimum lender requirements. It helped us lower our interest rate, save money, and we needed her income to qualify for the home we wanted. I recommend this company to anyone who needs their credit improved and prepared for deals.”

Michael – Fountain Hills, AZ

“Thank god we found you. We needed to refinance our mortgage and get out of our adjustable rate loan. Your process boosted our credit score 79 points in about 60 days, which gave us the ability to acquire a new loan that helps us save money. Thank you for everything you have done. Because of your process, the banks look at us differently and we are in a better financial situation.”