Kalee H. Hobbs, NM

Kalee H. Hobbs, NM

“We have been working to get a mortgage for quite some time. My husband had credit issues, but my credit was ok. In 60 days this credit repair company resolved 3 out of 5 issues and we are approved and in escrow. Amazing work team!. Thanks for all of your help!”

Richie T. - Scottsdale, AZ

Richie T. – Scottsdale, AZ

“My company does a high volume of mortgage and we use Today’s Credit for credit repair and other mortgage credit issues that pop up. The system is great and the results are even better. We wouldn’t use anyone else for our needs or our clients needs.”

Norma H. - Los Angeles, CA

Norma H. – Los Angeles, CA

“I love credit repair done the right way. Thank you Today’s Credit Solutions and your team. My husband and I had no clue how to resolve any of the issues on our credit reports and we had been stuck for a long time. The TCS credit repair process is very effective and also reasonable which helps because we have to watch our money for retirement. I wouldn’t use anyone else for credit services. Thanks!”

Charlie M. - College Station, TX

Charlie M. – College Station, TX

“My second testimonial in 1.5 years. This company is awesome and helped me greatly. We had very bad credit and TCS was able to resolve and remove almost all of it. They said it was rare to remove that much at that percentage but its their hard work and we are blessed to have come across Today’s Credit Solutions. Their owner is one of the best advisors I have every talked to or even heard including radio, tv, and online news. Thanks for the epic help!”

Leslie G. - Beverly Hills, CA

Leslie G. – Beverly Hills, CA

“A friend at work recommended Today’s Credit Solutions for credit repair. Their owner comes in to our office periodically to see people. My husband and I went through the process and it was great. Everything unfolded exactly as they explained. We had many items, but were able to resolve AND remove many of them. Thank you for all of your help and advice!”

Jacob H. - San Antonio, TX

Jacob H. – San Antonio, TX

“Thanks for all of your work and credit repair process. The improvements have been greatly valuable to my situation. The numbers generated due to better credit on auto, mortgage, and everything else are astounding. Best investment I have ever made. Thanks!”

Robert G. - Phoenix, AZ

Robert G. – Phoenix, AZ

“We enrolled in credit repair with TCS about 7 months ago and had many issues. We are seeing credit problems get resolved left and right and consistently! This credit repair platform is the best and I wouldn’t use anyone else. My wife is very happy. We are preparing for a mortgage now and it’s looking like we’ll have a new place very soon. Thanks for everything, I hope this helps you get more clients because you deserve it!”

Robert W. - Los Angeles, CA

Robert W. – Los Angeles, CA

“My wife and I have worked with Today’s Credit for credit repair for about 8 months now and the process unfolds perfectly. They update us, advise us, and prepare us for transactions. We couldn’t be happier with the service and the way they treat us. Thanks for not judging us on our credit and doing excellent work! Much Appreciated!”

Jordan N. - Los Angeles, CA

Jordan N. – Los Angeles, CA

“I had a couple items that needed to be resolved. This credit repair process handled the issues at hand quick. I now have perfect credit – mid 700’s with zero negative accounts. One of their executives even got on the phone with me and helped me prep for mortgage within minutes. You guys are the best. Thanks for your help!”

Floyd M. - Palmdale, CA

Floyd M. – Palmdale, CA

“My wife said we needed to get serious about our credit and personal finances. We enrolled in credit repair services with TCS and we are very happy with the help provided and actual results generated. This company is about results and at the end of the day that’s what matters most. Do what they say, comply with their process and watch your credit get restructured and scores go up up up!”

Donald B. - Midland, TX

Donald B. – Midland, TX

“Thank you for helping my wife and I get on track and repair our credit. The results come in pretty fast and it seems like we are always making progress. They don’t BS people and within 60 days we had our approval on home loan. Keep in mind we started low 500s, then boom up to mid 600’s. The credit max formula is incredible and helped rain in all of the nonsense we had been hearing from different places. Keep up the great work!”

Edwin R. - Venice, CA

Edwin R. – Venice, CA

“Credit repair by Today’s Credit is the best! I was even disconnected from the process for a little while then came back into the fold and the progress being made was exceptional. My scores are up and my profile is clean. Working on JUMBO home loans for me and my family. All of my transactions are better due to this company’s process. Amazing!”