Credit Maximization

Term Creation Date (Est.): 06/07/2008
Trademark Registration Date: 10/04/2016
IP Owner: Today’s Credit Solutions LLC
Creator: CEO John T. Pautsch

Definition: After evaluating consumers’ unique personal financial and credit histories, we help them reach their full credit report and scoring potential by applying TCS’ trademarked formula — REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE = CREDIT MAXIMIZATION And the comprehensive processes associated with it.

Description: We help consumers make every possible improvement to their credit reports so they can increase their credit scores and avert manual and automated transaction red flags. Credit Maximization represents the vital preparation you want to undertake so you can obtain credit (mortgage, automotive, business, credit cards); secure jobs and apartments; and lower the costs and interest rates related to these and similar transactions. The Credit Maximization formula contains three elements, all of which include processes consumers need to improve, and remove negative data from, credit reports; to insure credit reports are accurate; to build credit report profiles to achieve short and long term credit strength; to pay off debts; and to settle valid bad debts, such as those involving collections, charge-offs, liens and judgments.

Credit World Technology: Applying the Credit Maximization formula to credit reports through technology increases the speed of credit improvement education and advice. We coined the term Credit Breakdown in 2003. Credit Breakdowns are records generated through a credit report audit, outlining status and results of a process, and moving forward sections which include advice and task accountability alerts. By merging our Credit Maximization formula with credit report and improvement process audits, everyone is held accountable and our clients are always on the right track. Today, our technology applies the formula to the credit reports automatically, delivering advice and improvement options quickly, while cutting expensive credit advisor costs and delivering savings to our subscribers.

Why this formula? For years, consumers have wondered why they allocate funds to improving their bad – good credit reports while their scores remain unchanged. It’s confusing and frustrating, especially since most of your transactions are directly related to your credit. Adding to the confusion are the many credit advisors, lawyers, and credit repair companies saturating the market. Everyone has their own pitch and gimmick to get consumers to sign up with them. As a creative leader, we constantly look for ways to showcase our process and educate consumers, while also reforming the industry.

It’s easy to get caught up in complications, but the people and companies that stand out keep things simple. Over the past 10+ years, we have been providing the services listed in our formula. Regulators controlled by bureaucrats often lack direct experience with what they oversee, and typically get their information from large corporations—not the consumers who are affected by their rules. Regulators have often boxed people in; painted everyone with a broad brush; and deemed it impossible ethically to promote specific guarantees for Credit Repair services. While we respect their process, we don’t shy away from innovation or working to open people’s eyes. Rather than give up, we took on the challenge and came up with the formula,

Respectfully, if we say this is the only way to maximize credit, you will agree. Polling has shown that people unfamiliar with the industry and ignorant regarding our formula assume the order of the equation might not be right. But we first apply REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE to clients’ credit reports, and then tailor the process to our client’s income and goals.

This equation sets the Credit Repair standard because it provides the right way to fix credit while eliminating confusion. We can change the order of our process to meet the needs of the specific credit situation. Many consumers with bad credit lack disposable income, and hence have bad credit. Therefore, starting with the removal process makes the most sense for them. We want to remove negative accounts so their profile is clean and accurate, while we build their credit profile the right way. These two steps often get credit scores trending in the right direction = Up. As importantly, we want to make sure that when it comes time to pay off or SETTLE valid bad debts, especially with third party creditors, the client’s hard earned money is being allocated to the right places, insuring a final resolution and accurate credit reporting. When consumers face so many credit reporting errors, and the confusion generated by big data and big corporations, such a clear strategy and formula are vital.

That said, people face all kinds of credit situations, and we tailor our services to their needs. In some cases, we need only to remove and rebuild their credit reports. In others, we need to settle and remove. In instances where neither negative credit nor lingering valid bad debts are at issue, the client might simply need to build a credit profile the right way. In other instances, a client might have resolved valid bad debts and already started building a credit profile, so that client might only need help with the removal process.

Our formula insures that consumers take the right steps when improving their credit with the three credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. We have thousands of examples of how our equation has been applied to different kinds of credit reports. We will begin publicizing these examples so each consumer with bad credit can relate to specific examples in our system, and see for themselves what we can offer.

If you are deciding whether to take action and make improvements, don’t procrastinate any longer. Join us in applying REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE = CREDIT MAXIMIZATION to your credit reports and scores and reap the benefits of proper guidance and a better financial situation.

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America's Trusted Formula for Improving Credit.

Removenegative items from credit reports.

  • CollectionsBankruptcies
  • Late PaymentsRepossessions
  • Charge OffsForeclosures
  • LiensJudgments

Buildyour credit profile the right way.

Our clients build their credit reports with independence and strength in mind. We balance the credit profile so scores go up and our clients are prepared for winning financial transactions.

Settlemiscellaneous valid bad debts.

When striving for the best credit scores our clients find balance between removing negative accounts and paying off valid bad debts-financial red flags such as Collections, Charge Offs, Judgments, and Liens.

Credit Maximization®