Credit Damage

Credit reputation damage can be analyzed and qualified for eligibility for monetary compensation. The typical (but not only) type of damage is canceling of credit accounts, appearance of collection accounts, inability to replace the cancelled credit accounts, increased out-of-pocket costs, loss of employment opportunities . With the right documents presented by an expert witness, your damage demand may be accepted by the court of law.

A plaintiff’s loss of credit reputation is increasingly included in tort actions (personal injury, mortgage violations, fraud, and more) as an economic damage.

Credit Damage is a growing element in Divorce processes. Credit damage inflicted by the spouse due to breach of fiduciary, violation of the ATRO, and violation of the settlement agreement.

THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL ARGUMENT FOR CREDIT REPUTATION DAMAGE THAT WILL MAXIMIZE DAMAGE VALUE IS TO PRESENT A THOROUGH ANALYSIS OF THE “BEFORE AND AFTER” PICTURE OF THE INJURED PARTY’S CREDIT SITUATION, using the proper documentation which includes the correct credit report, and compliance with court requirements state or federal (which a very different).

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