Consumer Vulnerability

Consumers with bad credit are vulnerable. Why? Because their need for better credit is so important. When someone has bad credit everything related to personal finance and transactions are more difficult to obtain and costs are inflated. It’s natural to want to fix things and it’s healthy to do so. From a psychological standpoint consumers want partners to guide and assist them on their credit journey. Other than money, these are the main reasons why the market has become saturated with credit repair companies and so called credit experts.

Every industry in the world has issues with how people manage themselves, comply with laws, advise clients, and run their businesses. Most people have good intentions but simply aren’t cut out for the path they are on. Which is why doing something you’re passionate about is so important. Not only is it healthy for the individual, but it injects healthy energy and quality into the marketplace.

Here is a realistic way to view the business world as a whole:

Very Few: Great. The best at what they do. Leaders of industry.

Many: Good. Helpful. Harmless. Get the job done and have a decent state of mind regarding their career or job. Likeable. Potential exists, but the question is; will they unlock it or have they reached their ceiling.

Tons: Average – Subpar. Not in it for the right reasons. More of a job mind-set, not career orientated. Unable to pay attention to detail, lack thoroughness, and unable to focus. Lack quality experience to lean on. Must bounce around hoping to find something that works. Their gross negligence typically leads to consumer confusion, product issues, and financial losses due to inability, poor performance, and lack of efficiency.

Too many: Scams. Will say and do anything to collect a buck. Have no regard for compliance, rules, regulations, moral, or putting in the work. Lack the ability to choose right over wrong. Jeopardize their own existence and others around them. Constantly taking, abusing the system, and leaving consumers with losses. A true drain on society.

Alerts: When confronting your credit here are some corporate agent statements that should be deemed red flags:

  • “I know someone inside the credit bureaus.”
  • “We can remove everything.”
  • “We’ll have you all fixed up in 30 days.”
  • “Yes we guarantee to remove your bankruptcy.”
  • “I have my ways which is why we have to do this under the radar with no contract.”
  • “I’ll wipe away your credit problems but I need $10,000 up front.”
  • “Let’s not even worry about the credit profile attached to your social security number. You should start fresh.”

If you hear these illegal zingers make sure you get the person of interest’s information and send it to us for review. We’ll then forward it to the appropriate channels for investigation.

Our trusted formula is designed to eliminate your confusion but also weed out the tens of thousands of credit agents that have no clue what they are doing and are in our industry for the wrong reasons. If you are reading this then you are on our website, which means you should be educated as to the appropriate way to maximize your credit reports, credit scores, and core personal finances.

Remember; you may have credit issues, but don’t be desperate. Credit like life is a marathon. Don’t be afraid to be patient, apply due diligence, then execute. Because of our trusted formula, gambling on credit services has been eliminated.