Can I repair my own credit?

Yes. You have the legal right to fix your credit and even create your own process to dispute accounts with the three credit bureaus and individual creditors. If you have the time, wherewithal, and technology, you could do what some of our staff does. Your rights with regard to credit are similar to those you have as a citizen to dispute a claim against you in court.

Many people choose to enroll with Today’s Credit Solutions because of our exceptional experience and the technology we offer. Clients embrace our process because they are able to understand our formula and process flow, and enjoy partnering with us to maximize their credit and ability to engage in new transactions.

When deciding whether to repair your own credit or partner with Today’s Credit Solutions, you can gain considerable peace of mind knowing you are going about the maximization process the right way. By showcasing our formula, we provide trust, direction, and certainty in an often uncertain environment. Although we cannot control scoring or other factors—such as client income, bills, health, or miscellaneous extenuating circumstances—we provide the most efficient and cost effective way to maximize credit, especially if your credit report profile and goals are complex.

Credit Repair often requires a kind of managing partner, which is where TCS comes in. In our experience, the average consumer simply does not have the time to research and experiment with credit disputing methods to find and implement the best response for their individual credit situation. Most consumers simply do not want to confront their credit issues on their own and often desire or need a trusted partner, such as Today’s Credit Solutions, to assist them.

The credit bureaus and third party creditors can be confusing and tough to deal with.  America gives more business to the professional services industry than any other country, in part because Americans work so many hours, and have so many demands on their time, that it makes sense to let professionals handle complex and time-consuming tasks.

Today’s Credit Solutions has also worked on every single type of credit situation in America. Over the years we have worked continuously to enhance and refine our processes and advising techniques to provide the best value for our clients.

All this being said, we encourage consumers to dispute their own credit if they have the desire, the time and knowledge to do so. If you have difficulties getting the results you want and need, feel free to contact us so we can look at things through a different lens, advise you properly, and apply our trusted solutions. Whether you choose us now or try to resolve your credit history on your own, we take great pride in our site, which we hope will point you in the right direction. Thank you for visiting.