Today’s Credit Solutions LLC (TCS) is an independently managed credit technology firm that developed the first credit improvement formula in history; we hold the intellectual property rights to REMOVE + BUILD + SETTLE = CREDIT MAXIMIZATION. The company was formed in May of 2006 to achieve two primary goals:

  1. To help consumers save money and improve the quality of their core personal finance transactions by using trusted, common sense credit improvement processes and systems.
  2. To eliminate confusion in the credit services industry and consumer marketplace by offering a reliable advisory platform that showcases transparent marketing features.

TCS markets directly to consumers and creates affiliate partnerships with corporations that share our vision and high ethical standards.


Our flagship online platform, CreditWorld.com, is owned and operated by TCS. Credit World makes it easy for consumers to protect and manage their credit, while ensuring subscribers and affiliate partners understand the credit system and marketplace in which they operate.

Credit World makes everyone more efficient in making decisions about credit.

Consumers are able easily to access and monitor their 3 credit reports and scores; validate and protect their personal information; and apply our one-of-a-kind credit improvement formula to their credit reports with the click of a few buttons.

Affiliate Partners are able to conduct business and manage client data more efficiently, while increasing knowledge and revenues across their corporate structure.

Credit World is an empowerment platform that also features relevant Credit News and Media. Consumers must first control their own credit world, but also monitor the credit world that evolves around them. Complementing our unique Credit Maximization formula, CreditWorld.com is the first ever Credit Media company.

CreditWorld.com delivers quality products and services that have already made us a trusted and peerless American brand.